Posted by Kahoomiki on September 2nd, 2010

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Fun 5 was established with support from HMSA to help provide three of the five A+ curriculum components – physical activity, social interaction and healthy snacks.  Fun 5 centers around the concept of 30 minutes of fun, active play utilizing all-inclusive, non-competitive physical activity and games, followed by a healthy snack.

The Fun 5 physical activity curriculum was adopted from SPARK, a proven and well-researched obesity prevention program developed by the University of  San Diego.  It was pioneered in Hawaii schools beginning in 2003 and has continually expanded to include almost all public and charter schools in the state – at present, 173 schools statewide, involving over 18,000 children, are utilizing Fun 5 to meet their A+ mandates.

Fun 5 is a highly decentralized program and managed by Kaho`omiki, which provides curriculum binders, physical activity equipment (balls, cones, hula hoops, etc.), and training in the SPARK concepts of non-competitive, all-inclusive physical activity.

SPARK uses a variety of advanced pedagogical skills to move physical education/activity programs and their teachers forward with a unique, “obesity prevention approach” to instruction.

Spark presents tools to develop, maintain and increase student health and physical fitness, as well as how to improve fundamental movement and sports skills. The goal is to encourage and motivate the children to be physical active outside school, and to lead a healthier life.