Posted by Kahoomiki on September 2nd, 2010

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In Kaho`omiki we address this problem in our Fun 5 obesity prevention program implemented in 175 after school programs statewide.

The Fun 5 name derives from fun physical activity five days per week, and five servings of fruits and vegetables per day; it advocates 30 minutes of active physical play five days a week, plus general information about healthy nutrition.

Given the obesity prevention objectives of Fun 5, the importance of nutrition education as part of the activity experience was recognized from the start.  Several things were tried, including nutrition coloring books, possible games, etc.  But the message was constantly undermined because children were given “unhealthy” but convenient snacks.

Through partnership with the Kapiolani Community College Culinary Arts Department, and the University of Hawaii Student Nutrition Council, Kaho`omiki is training Fun 5 group leaders – those who work with the A+ students each day – in the use of blenders for creating healthy snacks.  The training includes recipe ideas and participatory concepts for making nutrition education come alive for the students.

We call the nutrition component of Fun 5

Operation Smoothie– “Blending Healthy Habits: It’s All that It’s Snacked Up To Be!”

Kaho`omiki and the Operation Smoothie nutrition program was appointed winner of the Hogan Entrepreneurs Program Award in 2010 for its innovative and hands-on approach to obesity prevention.

In each of the twice a year Fun 5 trainings, the group leaders are presented with new recipes and inspiration developed by the Kapiolani Community College Culinary Arts Department, and the University of Hawaii Student Nutrition Council on new healthy snacks for the children.

Kaho`omiki is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to expand and perfect the Nutriotion component of Fun 5.

Fun 5 put together a Fun 5 Nutrition Binder for the afterschool kids with research-based activities having in mind the structure and environment of the A+ afterschool program. These activities promotes healthy eating habits by encouraging the kids to consume more fruits and vegetables. During the Fall 2012 Training Season Fun 5 also distributed one Fun 5 Nutrition Booklet per A+ student.  For more information about nutrition activities resources please check out our Resource List.