Fun 5 Trainings

Posted by Kahoomiki on March 25th, 2011

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Kaho`omiki manages an obesity prevention program called Fun 5, which operates in 173 schools statewide, involving more than 18,000 kindergarten through sixth grade students who are participants in the A+ program of the state Department of Education.   The Fun 5 name derives from FUN physical activity FIVE days per week, and FIVE servings of fruits and vegetables per day; it advocates 30 minutes of active physical play five days a week, plus general information about healthy nutrition.

Fun 5 is a highly decentralized program and managed by Kaho`omiki, which provides curriculum binders, physical activity equipment (balls, cones, hula hoops, etc.), and training in the SPARK concepts of non-competitive, all-inclusive physical activity.

The Fun 5 physical activity curriculum is adopted from SPARK, a proven and well-researched obesity prevention program developed by the San Diego State University.

A+ group-leader training sessions are organized twice a school year by Kaho`omiki – a four-hour comprehensive session at the start of the school year, and a shorter, “refresher” training in early spring.  Experienced and certified trainers present the SPARK fundamentals of fun, active play in a non-competitive, all-inclusive format.  This is coupled with hands-on activities that can be “played” with kids of all ages – the group leaders learn by doing.

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