Aloha State Games

Posted by Kahoomiki on April 25th, 2011

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Shape Up Hawai’i – Get In The Games!


Click here to register.  Dates and times are still being secured.  Please email Mark Zeug at for more information.  Mahalo for your participation!

The Aloha State Games is an Olympic-style multi-sports festival for Hawaii’s athletes of all ages and abilities – often referred to as the “Olympics for the common person.” The purpose of the Games is to encourage healthy physical activity among Hawai`i residents and visitors by providing a positive avenue for personal development through competitive sports and physical activity.  The Games recognize the physical and mental accomplishments of Island residents, and encourage development of a statewide network of volunteers who work to advance amateur sports and physical fitness activities in Hawaii.

What does it cost to enter?

Individual Entries – Entry fees differ by sport, but generally range in the neighborhood of $25 per person.  In most cases, a person can enter up to four events within a sport at no additional cost.  To enter more than one sport, submit separate entry forms and separate payment as required by each sport.

Team Sports – $25 per team member for volleyball and regular softball, $150 per team for senior softball.  All team members must sign the liability waiver; all forms for each team must be submitted together.

Some sports have extra charges for lane fees, target fees, officials fees, etc.  These are noted in the description for each sport.

Who may participate?

All events and sports are open to anyone from anywhere in the world; all they need to do is register for that sport and event.

Late Registration

Some sports allow late or walk-up registrations – late entries must be paid in cash or money order, and late entries WILL NOT receive a T-shirt unless they pay the late registration penalty ($10).

Refund Policy

If an event is canceled, or if participation is impeded in some manner by the organizers of the Aloha State Games (due to venue problems, lack of opponents, bad weather, etc.,) full refund of the registration fee will be given.  Other refunds will be given at the discretion of the commissioner.  No refund will be given if someone fails to participate due to their own negligence, but registrant may receive a T-shirt.

T-shirt Policy

All persons registering before the deadline for each sport will receive a T-shirt.  Every effort will be made to supply T-shirts in the size noted on the registration forms; if this size is NOT available, then the next available size will be substituted.  Participants registering after the deadline WILL NOT receive a T-shirt unless they pay the late registration penalty ($10).  All T-shirts can be picked up at the competition venue – there is no separate packet pickup.

Registration Options

A person or team may enter the Aloha State Games in one of several ways:

1. On-line entry forms – Registration for some sports can be found on-line at  Downloadable pdf forms also can be found for most sports, either on this website or the website of the organizing commissioner.

2. Sport Commissioner
– Forms may be obtained from the commissioner for your sport of interest – forms contain information on how to register.   Payment in the form of personal or business checks, or money orders, must accompany the forms.  No personal or business checks will be accepted for late entries.

3. In Person – Forms also may be delivered in person to the commissioner for that sport. All hand-carried entry forms must meet the above stipulations regarding payment, deadlines, etc.

Dishonored checks must be covered by cash or money order prior to start of competition in which the individual is participating.  All bank charges associated with a dishonored check must be included in the covering payment.  Any issues over dishonored checks will be resolved in Small Claims Court.