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Posted by Kahoomiki on January 5th, 2009

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Kaho`omiki is the Hawai`i Council on Physical Activity and Nutrition. We oversee the following programs:

In addition to our current management projects, Kaho`omiki’s mission will continue to:

» Educate, communicate and disseminate information on physical activity and proper nutrition
» Provide technical assistance on best practices, quality assurance, standards and capacity building
» Collaborate, partner and network with like-minded individuals, organizations and agencies
» Create and channel resources to support physical activity and proper nutrition initiatives
» Provide avocation for policy changes that affect health
» Collect and monitor health data
» Motivate and inspire Kama`aina to embrace physical activity
» Apply research to support and strengthen analysis
» Host demonstration projects


Kaho`omiki has been involved with and spearheaded a number of community-based physical activity initiatives, including the following:

» Developed, produced and distributed more than 100,000 physical activity maps – “The Honolulu Kama`aina Fitness Fun Map” and the “The Oahu Fitness Fun Map” – to identify walking, biking, hiking and swimming routes and locations.
» Hosted a conference for health care and fitness professionals to share best practices, information, and developments in the promotion of physical activity.
» Hosted a seminar on grant writing and research for fitness and nonprofit professionals interested in securing financial support for physical activity projects.
» Developed, produced, and distributed quarterly coalition newsletters to members, organizations, agencies, and community at large.
» Hosted physical activity campaigns throughout the year and coordinated group activities to highlight the importance of physical activity and encourage families to get active together.
» Participated in community health fairs to disseminate physical activity information.
» Provided technical expertise and advice to the Department of Education and University of Hawaii on policies and procedures related to physical activity curriculums and projects.
» Coordinated dissemination of information and monthly overviews on Department of Health mini-grants that funded development of statewide fitness maps and websites.
» Provided testimony to city council and the state legislature on policies that impacted physical activity opportunities, including bikeable and walkable community initiatives.
» Participated on and supported the Honolulu City and County Visioning Teams for healthier communities.
» Hosted western regional meeting of State and Governor’s Councils to share information and best practices.
» Supported data collection efforts to determine changes in behavior by children with new playground equipment in their community.
» Attended National Association of Governor’s Councils and America in Motion meetings to learn about new evidence-based state and national initiatives.
» Hosted “New Year, New You” at the State Capitol to highlight the importance of physical activity and recommend funding by the legislature.
» Supported development and promotion of “Shape Up Across Hawai?i” pilot project, a community health initiative to get Kama`aina moving.